ibrary of St.Nicholas

Welcome to the Library of St. Nicholas, an archive of articles and links under the patronage of Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton. The photograph to the right is the Church of St. Nicholas in Leicester, England, and was taken by me on a visit in 1995.

I live in the Canton of Eoforwic in the Kingdom of Ealdormere, otherwise known as most of the Province of Ontario, Canada. I was made a Companion of the Order of the Laurel in April, A.S. 30 (1996) for my research and article writing (which you can access on this site), and a Companion of the Order of the Pelican in September, A.S. 38. I am currently serving as Society Chronicler. I'm also involved in archery, pewter casting, costuming, calligraphy, and am a former chronicler at local, baronial, and Principality levels. I am a former editor for Tournaments Illuminated, the quarterly magazine of the SCA. I have also served as editor for the past four years of the Pennsic Independent. My husband, Gunthar, is also in the SCA.

I have numerous dependents in the SCA.  Here is a listing, and maybe coming soon I'll add some links to their articles and research....

Outside the SCA, I hold a PhD in History, which mostly hangs on the wall looking pretty while I work at a Large Bank as a business analyst and tech-herder. 

Many have seen photos of my heraldic counterchanged heraldic hockey surcote.  In honour (!?) of the recent lockout season in the NHL, I added some special accessories....

The Bookshelf 

Here may be found a wide variety of articles on many topics by several authors. Feel free to browse, and if you're interested in publishing these articles in a newsletter, check out each author's permissions page...

Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton

...articles on popular religion, English history, daily life in the Middle Ages, costuming, and SCA administration.

Nicolaa's Scribal Gallery 

Master Hector of the Black Height

...articles on Scottish history, SCA culture, and SCA combat

Mistress Marian of Heatherdale

...articles on Scottish and English history and Arthurian legend.

Lady Asa Gormsdottir's Pentathalon Documentation

The SCA Visitor's Guide to Fabric Shopping in Toronto

Our SCA Photo Collection on Eirik Anderson's Photo Archives (tworavens.com)...photos covering 25+ years of SCA history in Eoforwic and Ealdormere collected from various sources

Useful SCA Links

bulletSCA Today..read the latest SCA news from around the Known World
bulletThe History of Ealdormere site...includes links to all five books of the Chronicles of Eoforwic
bulletDrea's Elizabethan Costuming Page...patterns and research for Elizabethan clothing
bulletArticles by Cynthia Virtue -- more excellent costume resources, including lots on hats and a period tunic generator
bulletMerouda's Scribal Pages -- articles and excellent set of links on the scribal arts
bulletStefan's Florilegium
bulletMedieval Footwear...got shoes?  Lots of extant examples here
bulletSome Clothing of the Middle Ages...more tunics than you can shake a stick at
bulletCariadoc's Miscellany
bulletMedieval Name Lists
bulletSCA Arts and Sciences Page
bulletThora Sharptooth's Viking clothing articles
bulletMedieval and Renaissance Embroidery homepage
bulletThe Dialogue of Chivalry
bulletA Bibliography of the Medieval Tournament
bulletTales from Froissart
bulletThe Viking Encampment at L'Anse aux Meadows...a new living history program in Newfoundland, coordinated by Darrell Markewitz, known to the SCA as Master Sylard of Eagleshaven.

Medieval History Links

bulletCatholic Encyclopedia
bullet Order of Preachers (Dominicans) homepage...lots of links to Dominican history and theology resources
bullet Bracton's De legibus et consuetudinibus Angliae...a 13th century English common law treatise.
bulletOrbis Latinus....an online guide to geographical Latin
bullet English Calendar...a guide to calculating dates in the "Old Style" calendar
bulletNuntii latinii...get your daily news update in Latin!
bulletLondon Bridge Museum & Educational Trust ...an introduction to one of the coolest pieces of medieval architecture

Legends, Humour, Ruins, Disasters, Exploding things, etc....

bulletThe Fabulous Ruins of Detroit...wanna see what modern ruins look like?
bulletThe Halifax Explosion...CBC site on this early 20th century disaster
bulletGalveston 1900 Hurricane...the worst natural disaster in the US
bulletCNN site on the Galveston Hurricane
bulletThe Great Fire of London ...read a little about the fire that virtually obliterated medieval London
bulletMt. St. Helens National Volcanic Monument....I did my first real term paper on Mt. St. Helens, so it is, of course, one of my favourite exploding things.
bulletEinstuerzende Neubauten...music to explode things by
bulletFrank Lloyd Wright Foundation....actual intact, non-exploded buildings
bulletUrban Legends Reference Pages...(otherwise known as Snopes) - including some info on historic legends
bulletThe Onion...any rag cool enough to feature the SCA taking over Russia is worth a read
bulletFloat About....yes, other people collect floaty pens, too....