Assorted Essays

by Hector of the Black Height (see "About the Author" for a biography)

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Social and Cultural:

Sex, Lies, and Old Newsletters: So want to write your group's history?. Co-written with Magistra Nicolaa for TI in 1996, and finally available on the web!

On Fealty and Other Relationships in the SCA (or, Are Waffles Period?)

On the Mechanics of the Bardic Arts within the SCA

On Peerage (nine parts--index)

Double Standards Are Colour-Blind

The Missing Clue: Four Case Studies In One

Ealdormerean Culture -- An Opinion

Peerage, Then and Now

On Steel (including notes on how to run a point of honour)

Bread and Salt: another look at fundamental values

On Furniture

An Heraldic Trilogy: Peers and Patents; On Arms; On Achievements of Arms and Other Things

Sumptuary Laws: Then and Now, Here and There

On Scroll Texts

A Responsible Essay

Walking the Feudal Talk: the personal side to a momentous event

What I learned at Pennsic XXVII

Somewhat Historical:

SCA genealogy as a reflection of medieval practice

Scotland: an overview for the persona-challenged

Medieval Military Engineering (or "Have fun storming the castle")

Vaguely Useful:

The Practical Pilgrim (or, how to achieve NO border-crossing stories when travelling to and from Canada)


On Fighter Authorizations

On Points of Honour

What is a Unit: an Opinion

On Cavalry: "Boots and Saddles" in SCA combat

Regional Units: The Ealdormeran Way of War

Tactical Lessons and Mass Combat

Effective Communications

The Use of Military Models of SCA Combat

Why We Fight: One Opinion (including a response from Lord Grimwulf the Hairy)

On the Employment of Scouts: Part I ; Part II



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