All of the articles posted here can be reprinted in SCA publications, subject to a few guidelines.
bulletAcademic Conferences: A Primer . A guide for SCA members interested in attending or presenting at academic conferences.
bulletSex, Lies, and Old Newsletters: So want to write your group's history?. Co-written with Master Hector for TI in 1996, and finally available on the web!
bulletA Statistical Survey of Given Names in Essex County, England, 1183-1272. This is the full version of my article on Anglo-Norman personal names.
bulletEarly Germanic Names for Primary Sources
bulletThe Latinization of Names in the Middle Ages
bulletChristianity and Popular Practice in the Middle Ages
Part 2 of the Above Article
bulletGoing to Confession in the Middle Ages. A discussion of the sacrament of penance, and the philosophy behind it.
bullet The Political's not just for infidels anymore,
bulletAn Introduction to Palaeography. Palaeography is the study of the handwriting of the past--in this case, that of the Middle Ages.
bulletUsing Local History for SCA Research....local histories are particularly good for persona research; find out how to use them.
bulletOn the Inception of a University Master (my Laureling ceremony, which I researched and adapted from a period ceremony from the university of Cambridge.)
bulletA Question of article on the perception of time in the Middle Ages.
bulletFeast Days and the Yearly Cycle in Medieval England. A sequel to "A Question of Time...."
bulletThe Wheel of Fortune. Buy a vowel and learn about this medieval concept.
bulletOn Marriage in the Middle Ages (particularly England.)
bulletThe True Meaning of Xmas An article on where the abbreviation really came from, and why.
bulletA Saint for the Festive Season. Meet the medieval St. Nicholas.
bulletTheoderic the Great. An early medieval ruler you should meet.
bulletThe "Real" Meaning of "Ring Around the Rosie."....betcha it isn't what you think it is.....
bulletThe Historical Context of Magna Carta. An introduction to the people and events behind Runnymede.
Part 2 of the above article.
bulletGoing Home--have you ever visited your persona's hometown? I have.....
bulletOn Critical Research and Documentation--an introductory guide to taking "the next step."
bulletChurches in the Middle Ages: An Introduction. An article on church architecture and iconography at the local level.
bullet How to be A Historian At Pennsic...The Middle Ages had historians--here's some hints for the Current Middle Ages.
bulletOn the Writing of Articles in the SCA. ...yep, an article on how to write articles. Go figure....
bulletHanding Over Offices in the SCA. It isn't as easy as you might think. Read this for help.
bulletA Brief History of London
bulletMaking Netted Hairnets....revised version of a handout from a class I taught at Pennsic XXVII.
bulletThe Virtues and Vices in Medieval Society......all about the Seven Deadly Sins and how to avoid them...
bulletNarrowing the Focus: A Different Kind of Event...advice on organing and presenting events set in a single time and place.
bulletThe Novgorod Handbook--articles I wrote for an Eoforwic limited focus event set in Russia in 1036.