Articles from the Rus' Handbook, produced for the Eoforwic Novgorod event of AS XXIX.

These articles were originally part of the handbook which I edited and assembled to prepare participants for the Eoforwic Novgorod event. They were intended to give participants a good grounding in an historical era only a few had ever studied. I was originally in that category myself--prior to the event, I knew almost nothing on the topic. The event was set in 1036, during the reign of Iaroslav the Wise, and involved a dispute over the succession between two sons (purely fictional, but such disputes did occur). This handbook certainly qualifies as the largest research project I have undertaken in the SCA, and one of the most worthwhile. Most of the articles in the following section have heretofore been available only in the original handbook.

Table of Contents

bulletThe Historical Context
bulletThe City of Novgorod
bulletThe People of Novgorod
bulletThe Imperial Ideal--And Reality
bulletLaw Codes of the Kievan Rus'
bulletThe Veche
bulletRussian Paganism and Christianity
bulletDress Among the Rus'
bulletFood and Drink
bulletLiterature and Entertainment

A picture of the author in early Russian clothing