The Coronation Tale 

by Hector of the Black Height

Not so far from here, as the dragon flies, is the seat of the Kings of the Midrealm, an ancient and magic place. Not so long ago, the lands around that place were in terror, for at night a great shadow was seen stalking the paths and roaming the countryside. Some said it was a great tyger; others thought a wolf had come from the North. Finally the Lady of the hall went out at dusk, and returned at dawn.

Her retainers asked her what she had seen in the darkness. The Lady replied, "Fear not, for this is Dragon'sLair, home of Kings. I have seen the shadow pass; it is neither tyger nor wolf. It is a Dragon, returned to claim its right." So was it then; so is it today.


This story served as the introit at the Coronation at King David of the Middle Kingdom, now His Excellency Sir David Martin, Earl Failsworth, at present Heir to the throne of Ealdormere. This piece was first published in A Book for the Coronation of King David and Queen Tangwystl.

Copyright A. McLean 1994, 1998. All rights reserved.