On Peerage

by Hector of the Black Height

An eight-part series of essays (plus a post-script) for "The Eoforing", newsletter of the Canton of Eoforwic

1) Don't Peers Hold Up Bridges?

2) Who Oils the Peerage Machine?

3) The Universal Undefined and Contractual Obligation

4) The Fashion Accessory That Does More Than Hold Your Pants Up

5) On Theme Parties and Priesthood

6) To Serve Where Serve I Might

7) By Any Other Name

8) How To Be A Peer In One Easy Lesson

Postscript: On Polls and Chains


Historians of our Society with a taste for the trivial will mark this date as the beginning of my downward spiral into hubris and madness: I have resolved to write a series of essays on my view of Peerage within the Society. Why have I selected this particular exercise? First, I promised Lady Muirghein that I'd give her eight articles for The Eoforing when she agreed to take on the chronicler's office. Second, a couple of very interesting discussions I've had recently with people (Peers and non-Peers) indicate there is interest in the topic. Third, it's a chance for me to pass some ideas onto, among others, my own beloved apprentices and protégés, whom I don't see often enough. Accordingly, and with them as my inspiration, my opinions follow.

I commend to anyone interested in this topic three profound sources of information and insight. One is the Miscellany of Cariadoc of the Bow, which contains some wonderful essays related to this subject. I respect greatly His Grace's experience and thought process. A second source is any old Eastrealm or Ćthelmearc newsletter that includes a column by Rayah Blackstar. Mistress Rayah is an outspoken critic of the Peerage, in the best sense of the word "critic". She is a keen observer and a strong practitioner of that which she preaches. Third, I commend any writings by Gareth Tancred Wilfrith, starting with his amazing Boke of the Seneschal, available through the Ealdormere and Midrealm Information Offices. Master Gareth is a former Seneschal of the Middle Kingdom and one of the most effective "people persons" I ever have had the pleasure to meet. His example as a Companion of the Pelican is inspiring. His comments on Peerage, explicit or implicit, are well worth considering.

And now, enjoy the series. I am sure many will disagree with some of the things I say; I have no monopoly on insight. I would be delighted to receive feedback, or to read other opinions on the Web or in newsletters around Ealdormere.

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